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Pechanga's Closet

How did Pechanga's Closet get its name?

Pechanga is actually my miniature dachshund. She is so loved and adorned with so many fashionable outfits, we had to give Pechanga her very own closet. When friends would come to visit, my husband would always ask "Have you seen Pechanga's Closet?" After awhile it became so humorous that we even thought of selling tickets to see it.

See photo above of "The Original Pechanga's Closet".

What are Crafties?

A Crafty is one of my original whimsical creations, individually hand-made. No two will ever be exactly the same. From bears, ponies, and piglets to dolphins, owlies and more.

How can I get a Crafty?

To buy, my Etsy shop is open for business. Etsy Shop

Can I special order a Crafty?

If you like something you see, and want it in specific colors or patterns, email me. I love people's ideas and requests. It will be its own creation and just as adorable, but it will not be exactly like the one you see.

If you have other questions, please contact me. Email Darlene

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